Phew! Close To Being Deported

19 Feb

2011 brought a lot of health problems for Tom and me, but, at our ages we don’t expect to have robust good health, especially as we both had pre-existing health conditions before we moved to France in 2007. However, we are convinced that our health has deteriorated far more quickly, due to harsh weather conditions spent living in the tent, than would have happened if our ongoing housing situation had never arisen.

The other two members of our family who have lived this life with us, have thrived! They have not lived according to their expectations, but they’re both young enough to take a lot of positive experience from the past 4+ years. Whereas, in truth, Tom and I feel the bottom line is that we have had 16+ years stolen from the four of us, to date, and those years can never be returned to us. They are lost to us forever, and not only to us, but also to our family in the UK.

However, thanks to supportive, caring friends, here in France, we have survived so far! Although, we did wonder if we were about to be deported back to the UK, in May 2011. Once again, as has been the case every year since 2009, we had not received our French Tax Declaration form, and we set off to Mauriac to complete the form in the Tax Impots office.

We waited to be called to the desk by the duty clerk, and I gave her copies of our previous year’s French Income Tax Declaration and Assessment documents, containing all the information she needed, with evidence of my pensions increases. The clerk read the documents, looked at us and asked for our Carte de Sejour. I was ready for that! I handed over our Residency Certificate to her without saying a word. She looked at it and said, “This is out of date.”

Tom and I were dumbfounded, I replied that we didn’t actually need a Carte de Sejour or a Residency Certificate, being British citizens living in another EU State, and owning our only property in that EU State. The clerk looked at me and said she would not give us a Tax Declaration form until we provided a current Carte de Sejour, or an updated Residency Certificate stamped and signed by the Champagnac Mayor.

Without completing a current Tax Declaration, and sending copy of the ensuing French Income Tax Assessment to the Bureau d’Aide, we would lose our right to Legal Aid. I explained that to her, she shrugged and looked away from us, just couldn’t meet our eyes!

I was close to tears! Turning to Tom, I said, “What have we done wrong?” He shook his head, took my hand, then, in English, he said to the clerk, “We’ll get a new Residency Certificate and will post it to you.” The clerk understood, she nodded and waved us away from the desk, saying, “You must get one soon, or you will have to return to England.”

Tom and I drove to Champagnac, to the Mairie, where we spoke with the office staff, we know them all! Jacques, the Mayor, was in a meeting, but the senior receptionist was horrified when I told her what had transpired with the Tax Impots clerk, she said, “You don’t need a Carte de Sejour or a Residency Certificate. This is stupid, she is racist.” The ladies made us coffee and asked how we were managing, they were obviously, genuinely angry and very upset at what had been going on in our lives. Within half an hour, we had the updated Residency Certificate to hand, and we left the office after being kissed on both cheeks by all three Mairie ladies! We climbed into the car and headed back to Brittany.

I completed the tax Declaration form and posted it, with enclosures, to Madame Cosson at the Tresor Public in Mauriac. I also included a brief letter to explain why we were sending an updated Residency Certificate, and why we were sending the enclosed documents to her, ie a person we trusted. We received our Tax Assessment document in October, a couple of weeks earlier than usual, and we immediately posted off copies to the Bureau d’Aide in Paris, and to the ECHR in Strasbourg.

We received acknowledgement from the ECHR within a few days. As usual, we received nothing from the Bureau d’Aide! But, every letter we send to bureaucrats and Courts are sent LRAR (Lettre Recommandé avec Avis de Réception aka Registered Mail), We track them on-line until we see they have been received, accordingly with a signature, because the receipts are always sent to our house that can never be our home.

We wonder what will happen this year!


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4 responses to “Phew! Close To Being Deported

  1. Sarah

    February 19, 2012 at 6:46 pm

    The tax office in Mauriac has to be one of the most corrupt tax offices in the country. Either that or their incompetence is so staggering they should be closed down.

    • hobosinfrance

      February 19, 2012 at 7:04 pm

      The ‘below stairs’ staff are at the crux of the problem, Sarah, also their counterparts in Saignes. The Big White Chief at Mauriac has been very helpful, but she doesn’t get to know what’s happening unless she is contacted directly. We will not be dealing with anyone other than her in future – although, it’s possible that she won’t be there when we next need her!! We honestly think she might get ‘posted’!! We’ll find out in 4 or 5 months time, I’m sure. Warmest regards, Chrissie

  2. StewartP

    February 24, 2012 at 9:24 pm

    Hello Chrissie,

    You’re being talked about on the TotalFrance forum: you’re much missed.



    • hobosinfrance

      February 24, 2012 at 10:28 pm

      Hi Stew, it’s really lovely to hear from you, hope you and family are well? I miss folks on TF, very much indeed, but when I was sacked after complaining about being bullied by a member of TF staff (and his side-kick!), I didn’t really think I would be of any use to TF members – I know HNM would have just waited until I was wrong-footed, and that would have been an excuse for them to totally deactivate me, I know how the HNM system works! Not going there! Family and I might have touched rock-bottom during our years in France, but we still have pride and dignity. But, I e-see lots of TF members on our new forum!! It’s new, small and quiet, but we’re getting there! If you fancy a change of pace any time, Stew, we’re here You would be very warmly welcomed – it’s laid-back! Warmest regards, Chrissie


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